Off Shore Options

Off Shore Options

It is important to have a passport. But for maximum flexibility obtain two passports. Ghana is moving towards offering African Americans an opportunity to become dual citizens and obtain a Ghanaian passport. For more information:
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The five flags theory is a concept for freedom that has long been used by the super-rich. Fortunately it doesnt take great wealth to begin to implement this lifestyle today. The five flags theory is a critically important concept for freedom in a world that is unfree.
Search Google and YouTube for “five flags theory”

Only a very few countries on earth do not have property tax. Several of these havens are in majority Black countries with resort quality climates and lifestyles. When buying land for your empire definitely include land in one or more of these countries among your holdings

Cayman Islands
Turks and Caycos

Cook Islands


Indian Ocean:
Sri Lanka

Middle East:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates.

It has been said that all a person with S.T.E.M. knowledge needs to make money is a computer with internet access and a way to process payments. It makes sense to obtain this valuable and portable knowledge. Sources of ideas:

Facebook: Start Living Abroad Through Binary Options

Help Desk Certification:

!5 Free Books for People who code:


Developing real estate is one of the historical means of creating wealth. Housing needs and trends may change with the times but everyone ultimately needs a place to live. An interesting new trend is very small mixed-use and multi-use development.
Several plans for tiny multi-units and mixed use buildings can be found on by searching William Edward Summers Creative Projects or at : The most inexpensive might be the Enhanced Garage with Apartment.


Recent White Riots Ignored by the Media


White kids rioted at the Woodstock anniversary. They often riot at basketball and baseball games. They rioted when the boss of the child molestor Sandusky was fired. They even had a violent riot at a pumpkin festival in New England. No one called them “thugs” or “animals”. The short video below tells the story.

Weapons in the War Against White Racism


The days of the white majority in the USA are coming to a close and in response to this fact there has been a surprisingly intense resurgence of the false ideology of white supremacy. It is unfortunately true that we do not live in a post racial society. There is much angst over the police killings of unarmed Black men and excessive imprisonment, among other evils that are occurring. What can be done in the short term to mitigate this phenomenon?

“Your enemy is always watching and working against you” says W.S. the author of Black Strategies’ new special report “Weapons in the War Against White Racism”. 7 tips from the book offer some ideas.

1) Purge negative, self hating hip hop from your life. Do not fill your mind or allow the minds of your children to be filled with music that glorifies Black on Black violence, the denigration of the Black woman and crime. No other group lets outsiders produce filth for their people to consume. No other group has songs that refer to themselves in degrading terms (like the N word).

2) Home school your children even if they attend public school also. Much of what is currently taught is absolute garbage and the so called history curriculum is basically a pack of white supremacist lies. Develop a lesson program that will actually teach your children something to prepare them for a good, productive and prosperous life and convey a positive self image.

3) Get healthy by removing chemically laden GMO poisonous food from your life. Everyone knows that GMO food not only makes the person who eats it sick but also causes genetic damage that passes on problems to future generations. Pretty much all fast food is contaminated in this manner. The smartest thing to do right now is start a garden. It can even be just pots on a window sill or balcony. For each dollar you spend on a garden you will get at least $30.00 in return within weeks. Much better than any investment that comes to my mind.

4) Learn S.T.E.M. If you have technical knowledge it becomes much easier to start your own business and make good money. It has been said that if you have even limited programming knowledge all you need is a laptop and a way to process payments to make money. Visit the website for new money making tech strategies.

5) Get legal help. Every Black person should have a pre-paid legal service. The only defense to police excesses is to have 24/7 telephone access to legal help. It is not expensive but priceless when you need it.

6) Make your family more resilient and prosperous. There is an entire chapter with ideas for making your family better able to face difficulty, yet thrive. We have a duty to both our ancestors who went through so much to get us where we are now and to future generations who need us to make progress.

7) Start your own businesses. Forget about business loans, and the SBA, and start a business with almost nothing. The report features ideas and a list of business that you can start with very limited dollars. It has been said that anyone who can start and successfully run five small businesses will become prosperous. It is easier to start five businesses that make $2000 each per month than one business that makes $10,000 a month. So don’t wait another day. Also, please buy Black, don’t forget group economics.

These 7 tips provide just a few of the many principles that are discussed in detail in the special report. This is a detailed guide that you can implement immediately and is designed specifically to help black people mitigate the effects of white racism, and thrive.

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