Flint’s BBQ Sauce


Flint’s BBQ Sauce, The Legendary Recipe

“Flint’s BBQ Sauce, The Legendary Recipe“ is a new cookbook that contains the secret, original recipe for the famous BBQ sauce that was served at Flint’s BBQ restaurants in the San Francisco, California East Bay cities of Berkeley and Oakland. The recipe book is available here, directly from the author, and for a slightly higher price on Amazon.

Please visit: https://gumroad.com/l/zlZCN

Flint’s was a small family run business that

gained legendary status for its BBQ sauce. Flint’s sauce was a deep, rich red color with complex layers of lingering flavor. I think it would have been possible to cook a leather shoe in this sauce and make it absolutely delicious. It was that good.

By chance I came into contact with an East Bay person who was an old friend of Flint. He had the recipe.

This might be your only opportunity to experience this magnificent BBQ sauce. It is a collectible recipe certainly worthy of preserving as an important element of BBQ history.

Recipe: https://gumroad.com/l/zlZCN


2 thoughts on “Flint’s BBQ Sauce”

  1. Ok, bought the recipe from your Gumroad link – thanks! I’ve been trying to find or duplicate this sauce since the mid-70s when I visited the Shattuck location dozens of times. Even after I moved to the South Bay, I made the pilgrimage back to Oakland for Flint’s once in a while.

    This recipe’s in the neighborhood, but not the same sauce. I even split off part of the batch and added some prune juice, as I saw mentioned on another blog thread here, with not much change.

    The recipe is basic, so if it’s accurate it should be about perfect, except………. ketchup and worchestershire sauces vary in taste by brand, sometimes a lot. Do you have any idea what brands might have been used in this sauce, back in the day?

    My guess is they bought wholesale no-name ketchup and worchestershire in bulk #10 cans to hold down the cost of production. I’m going to round up the ones I can find, but do you have any suggestions for brands to try for improving the result?


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