The Summer of White BBQ



From time to time the white supremacists/racists will launch a new media offensive based on a lie that that are promoting. The current lie being promoted is the notion of BBQ being a creation of white, southern cowboys. This is the so called “Texas BBQ” which , in fact may not even be properly called BBQ at all since it lacks the necessary sauce.
As usual the battleground is the white controlled media, and this summer the offensive is full spectrum. Several TV presentations from Bobby Flay, to Chopped and others showcase “BBQ” as something by whites and judged by whites. There was even a special called the world’s best BBQ or something of that nature that featured thirty-something whites making and eating BBQ while being judged by white so called connoisseurs.
The elders in my family used to be leery of BBQ being made by whites and would caution any one who was about to enter an establishment where inferior “white BBQ” was being served. I had some white BBQ on three occasions and can affirm that their concerns were warranted. In one place which served supposedly “authentic” BBQ the server revealed that Douglas fir was used in the smoking process. Douglas fir!!! In another location that offered supposedly great brisket the chef removed the “bark” which is the delicious deeply caramelized outer layer of the cooked brisket. The final experience was in a hipster restaurant which had flavorless ribs, watery sauce with sauerkraut as a side dish. It was simply awful.
Sadly, the white BBQ project will limp along until other voices join together in denouncing it. It is one of the many unfortunate occurrences that routinely surface because of the relentless nature of white supremacy/racism. Meanwhile those of us who enjoy and appreciate real BBQ will seek out the few and far between places where this rare delicacy may be experienced.



2 thoughts on “The Summer of White BBQ”

  1. My mother managed Flint’s Bar b questions for about 16 years on East 14th Street across from Havens court Jr High. We now make the bar b que here in Asheville, NC. Not for sale but for our enjoyment. Margaret Flintroy was the owner. My uncle and aunt also worked there. I definitely can make the sauce. Yes I can still get that taste. We all our in Asheville NC.

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