The Case for Reparations

lynching with girl

The next time someone tells you that slavery happened “a long time ago”  or “I never owned slaves” please ask them to read this excellent article iin the Atlantic (a white , conservative Northeastern establishment , old money publication) and see what even they have recorded. This article contains many first hand accounts of heartbreaking stories of racism in action and the terrible damage it has done to generations of Black people. The fact that our ancestors accomplished what they did is nothing short of miraculous. They were very strong , very smart and very determined people.

The article is here:

Vintage Black wedding

So if you can only do five things for Black people in America at least do these

1) Get married and have children

2) Buy land , own it free and clear so you can pass it on to your offspring. Don’t forget to garden and raise your own food to avoid eating GMO  and chemically laden poison

3) Home school, even if you and your children are going to public school. We need to know the truth about the past and our history and they will never teach it.

4) Start your own business. It has been said that anyone who can start and successfully run five small businesses will become wealthy. These days all you need to become rich is knowledge, a computer and a way to take payments. Take a look at the excellent blog

This blog is an excellent source for business ideas.

5) Forget the gangster lifestyle and bring back old school values and morality into your household and family

Modern Black familiy

You’ve come a long way bruthas and sistas





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