Basic Tools For Success

These are the basic tools that will help a family to have security, resilience, and the ability to grow and progress in almost any environment.

The basic tools for success are:

 A large vehicle, like a full sized van or pickup truck with a back seat and canopy. This vehicle is not something that a person would use for every day commuting, it is a utility vehicle. One of the reasons that so many people are unable to get away from natural disasters, like hurricanes, is they lack the ability to take their family and a few of their most cherished belongings and leave. A large vehicle, in good repair is a very important tool that provides the freedom to travel at a moment’s notice, and can even be a place to sleep in an emergency. This vehicle must be equipped with a heater for the cabin that can run when the engine is off. It must have a small charcoal based grill, like a hibachi, for emergency food preparation. It makes sense to always have a subzero sleeping bag, and a pillow per person. Always have enough emergency food supplies for at least three days, and keep the gas tank half full at all times. Also, it is wise to have a complete repair manual, some tools, and replacements items, like belts, hoses, some stop leak, and emergency tire inflation cans.

A large vehicle, like a mid to late eighties suburban, or full sized van in good repair has the size, and durability that is desired. If it is a manual transmission, it is also possible to push it for a jump start, if necessary. A car of this vintage has simpler mechanics for ease of repair, and spare parts are easy to obtain.

Whatever vehicle choice is made, it is best to find something affordable that can be purchased outright, for cash, and does not require a car loan.

Rural Land, With Water

This is the foundation for prosperity creating activities. There is a reason that Blacks were never given the forty acres promised, it would have given them access to substantial wealth creation. Even today, the few Black families who owned land in the second half of the eighteen hundreds, and managed to hold on to it for several generations, have offspring today that tend to be among the more prosperous African Americans. Around the turn of the last century, circa 1900 to 1920, Blacks owned around twenty million acres of land in the United States. Since then, because of the relentless efforts of those that hate them, Black land ownership has shrunk to around two million acres. Currently, farmland is one of the most sought after assets worldwide, and some of the world’s best farmland can be found in the USA. It makes sense to have this critically important asset in the hands of you and your family. It can be a site for clean, healthy, extremely inexpensive organic food production, and a private, safe environment, both of which are in very short supply today and something that will become increasingly expensive. Water is mandatory for life, so be certain that, the land has surface water like a river, or creek, or is someplace that a shallow, hand pumped well can be easily installed.

Savings in Gold and Silver

 Paper Federal Reserve notes and digital money are both forms of currency that are continually manipulated, and lose value via inflation. The real money is gold, and silver. These two forms of wealth storage have retained value for centuries, while the Federal Reserve notes, known as paper dollars, have lost 98% of their value since WWI, and continue to lose value. Savings must be in gold or silver, and in your possession. The reason it must be in your possession is because of the danger of confiscation. The government has seized gold in the past, and it is very possible that they will do so again. It is better in your hands and well hidden on land that you own. The best form of gold and silver ownership is junk gold and silver coins. This means old, used, and not numismatic coins bought in bulk. Gold jewelry is a poor form in which to own gold because of the premium by the manufacturer, and often low gold content. Eighteen carat gold is a minimum, and 24 carat is best. With silver, only pure silver will do, with old dimes, quarters, and silver dollars, with being the most easily available forms of ownership.


At present we live in an era of rapid inflation in the price of food. We also are in a time with increasing exposure to chemically laden, and genetically modified food.  In short, the quality of most commercially available food is literally poisonous, not only to the person who is unwise enough to eat it, but in the case of GMO foods, future generation will also experience genetic damage. For these main reasons, it is critical that families produce as much of their own food as possible. Some urbanites are repelled by the idea of gardening or hunting, but these two activities are among the historical best practices. There is no better way to obtain inexpensive, top quality organic food than to produce it oneself. In an era of food shortages, being able to produce your own can be the difference  between eating well or standing in a bread line waiting for a hand out  of low quality GMO, and chemically laden products. Healthy food production is a cornerstone in the creation of AA.

 Ability To Earn Money

The most basic tool is to have a way to legally earn money wherever a man finds himself. To accomplish this goal it is extremely important to have a minimum of two skills in which he has a certificate, license, or other qualifying documentation.  The reason to have two skills is so that one can be a low tech, and the other a higher tech skill. For example a certificate as a diesel mechanic, and a degree in computer science, or a certificate as a welder, and an RN. The idea is to acquire two skills that can be used anywhere, and are in reasonably high demand. This does not include things like being a social worker, or having a psychology degree. The plan is to be able to quickly and easily get hired anywhere, liking the work is a distant second in terms of importance. You can always have a hobby to fulfill your interests.

Passive Income

One important asset that many financial gurus recommended is to always have a passive cash flow business. This means a business that brings an income stream without hourly work. An example would be positive cash flow rental real estate, an online business, a monetized blog, or EBay auctions, a vending machine route, or an ebook.  It doesn’t have to be the primary source of income, but just something that provides a minimal cash flow perhaps as little as five or six hundred  dollars per month.  It is easier to have three , four or five small home businesses that bring in one thousand dollars a month than one which brings in five or ten thousand dollars a month.  It is important to always have cash flow in addition to primary work.

These are some of the basic tools that a family should have, but there are further, specific tools that a Black man or woman must have to increase their opportunities for success and a healthy, prosperous lifestyle. It is important to rid ones self of the pipe dream of the sudden cash windfall, big score or quick easy fortune. Wealth is most often created by patience, thrift, and hard work.


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