The “Country” of African America

Black belt map

Map from “Facing South”

African America

By; William Edward Summers

African Americans have had a very difficult history in North America. Everyone knows the story; kidnapped in Africa, enslaved for several hundred years in America, followed by six generations of extremely harsh segregation, then the battle for legal civil rights, and finally an uneasy underclass position. During the last one hundred-twenty years there was a large migration of African Americans from the South to the North, primarily cities like Chicago, New York City, Detroit, and other industrial hubs. Now the factories are gone, destroyed by the forces of globalism, so a growing migration back to the South seems to be a solution for many, especially those who are younger, and don’t have personal memories of its old, violently racist history. The South definitely has unresolved problems, and is still the center of American racist culture and heritage. But one fact is important; the South has the highest concentration of Blacks in the USA. It is home to an area that in the past was called “The Black Belt”, because of the high percentage of Blacks in the population. When mapped, a number of High percentage Black counties line the Mississippi River in Mississippi, even up to Arkansas, and spread east to Charleston, Savannah, and up towards Washington DC. This Area is the region in the United States that is the “homeland” of Americans of African descent.

Much development of the infrastructure of African America was completed by the ancestors of the last one hundred fifty years. The establishment of Black towns is one important development. This list by “Soul of America is an excellent list of the many Black towns in the U.S.A

A similar phenomenon occurred in Canada, where surprisingly, a fairly large number of Black towns were formed. First were the Black settlements founded by those who escaped enslavement in the united states via the underground railroad.. This resource provides some early history:

Today there is a substantial number of West African, and people from the Caribbean in Toronto, and Ottawa. Montreal has the most French speaking Africans. Halifax is probably the city which has the most well known Black history.  Canada in  general has far less overt racism than the United States , and a much lower crime rate. Find out more about Black Canada at Afro Toronto:

The development of African America is well underway.  The question is what direction will it’s development take in the near future, and what can be done to facilitate development.


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